Although our products can look pretty edible, they are not. All products are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep away from children and broken skin. Keep away from eyes, if this occurs rinse with warm water. If irritation still occurs seek medical advice.

All details and recommendations on this website or about KRYSTAL & MELI products are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a healthcare professional. This means the information provided throughout this website does not constitute medical advice. Our products are also not intended to cure, prevent or treat any health condition.

By purchasing our products you accept responsibility to check with a professional before using any products that may interfere with drugs or medical conditions.

If you are pregnant or using on children, contact your healthcare professional for medical advice before use.

By purchasing our products you recognise and accept the fact that some natural ingredients and fragrance oils, may still cause sensitivity in susceptible individuals and that KRYSTAL & MELI will not be held responsible for such occurrences. We encourage those with sensitive skin to select our unscented products and perform a patch test on the skin for possible reactions.

We take good care when formulating the perfect products, they must be kept in a cool, dry place away from water and direct sunlight. To help keep your product safe make sure your hands are clean and dry or use a spatula to remove the amount needed.

Be advised that KRYSTAL & MELI reserves the right to change these terms, pricing and/or company product information at any given time without notice and are not guaranteed against change.

KRYSTAL & MELI accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products.


Patch Test

It is always recommended to carry out a patch test before using new products on your skin. By applying a small amount of the product on the inside of your arm and leaving it for 24hours. If irritation or a rash occurs then do not use the product.


High temperatures and melting

As our Whipped Body Butters are made with natural soft butter and oils, they require a little more attention than our other products. They will start to melt if the temperature reaches 70 degrees and higher. So this means your product may arrive from shipping melted or become melted at home in the warmer seasons which Krystal & Meli cannot take responsibility for.

But not to worry, if this happens just simply pop it in the fridge for 1 hour or more to stiffen it back up and the product will be good to use as normal. The body butter will be more like a balm texture at this point because all the tiny air bubbles from being whipped have been deflated. This can also make the jar look half full, when it was once full. You can re-whip the body butter with an electric whisk, if you would like the fluffy texture back. But the product must be cold and semi-solid before whipping. The melting of our whipped body butter will not affect the quality or the benefits of the product


As our products are handmade each one may look different due to the natural nature of the ingredients, they also may differ slightly in weight and from our images presented.

Upon arrival, please take care when unboxing and opening your products.